January 16, 2020

Cryo Express

Cryo Express Blackburn

I've recently completed a course of Thin Air treatment at Cryo Express so it would only be right if I shared with you all Cryo Express and told you the story of these amazing ladies.

From first walking into this business I can only describe it as clean, fresh, friendly, helpful, knowledgable and with the latest cutting edge technology....and NO they haven't told me what to write ha!!

They are the first clinic in Lancashire to pioneer Cryotherpy, they specialise in delivering a wide range of professional treatments for your sports, health and cosmetic needs. A cryotherapy session lasts no longer than three minutes in the whole body chamber with temperatures dropping as low as -160 degrees.

They offer:

Whole Body Cyrotherpy - While in the chamber cryogenically cooled liquid nitrogen vapour is released to the skin surface

Localised Crotherpy -This treatment focuses on targeting certain pain areas on the body.

Cryo Facial - This tightens pores, improve elasticity, scar healing, soothe inflammation and stimulate collagen production.

Right lets talk about these two ladies......

  • They have been friends for 5 years and been in business together for 3 years.
  • Deb's has OCD
  • Nargis is described by Deb's as dizzy even though Deb's is the blonde one (Nargis denies this)
  • In their spare time they like spending time with their families, reading, and training
  • Famous people to have treatment here TYSON FURY, OLLY MURS, BRAIN MCFADDEN and ALEX MURPHY
  • Deb's celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth
  • Nargis would love Iron Man to visit them

Their next phase of growth is to bring Thin Air into the UK market as they are the only dedicated centre in the UK. Adaptive Altitude Training won the medical science Nobel prize 2019. The benefits of this treatment is to support the body in becoming more oxygen efficient. It will help recover, repair and regenerate the body. This will maximise performance for sports, health and well being.

Plans for 2020

Expand The Cryoball and launch it nationwide in the UK and Europe

Educate people through accreted training

Have a recovering suite

Cover fitness events

Please give these ladies a follow on Facebook and Instagram and defiantly pay them a visit!